Die Wee Scrubs Anprobe-Box. Einfach & unkompliziert.

You are enthusiastic about Wee Scrubs? You want super comfy scrubs for your entire team? Simply answer a few quick questions below, and we'll curate a customized box just for you, absolutely free of charge! (Just shipping costs apply). Discovering the perfect sizes and styles for your team has never been easier!

This is what happens next:

A few days later you will receive a fitting box that is put together according to your wishes and requirements.

You have 10 days to try our super comfy scrubs on with the whole team – relaxed and without any obligation.

What suits you and what you like, you keep right there. We'll send what's still missing. Everything else you return back to us.


Do you have any suggestions? Share them with us! ideas@weescrubs.com