Super comfy – plus impeccable style. Simple & easy.

You have the best knowledge of what makes your daily work experience better. That's why we've collaborated with you right from the start to create your new workwear. The outcome? The most comfortable scrubs ever paired with impeccable style.

Understanding the challenges of daily life in practices & care facilities, we've made your journey to new outfits as simple & easy as it can be: a seamless ordering process, hassle-free try-ons, attractive prices, and of course, top-notch quality.

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Wee Scrubs Active - Coming soon!

Du warst auf der ALTENPFLEGE 2024 in Essen und hast dich in unsere neue Active Kollektion verliebt? Dann registriere dich hier und erfahre als erste*r, wenn diese leichten, luftdurchlässigen, nachhaltigen und natürlich bei 60 Grad waschbaren Outfits lieferbar sind. Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude!

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Test the super comfy Wee Scrubs together with your team – free of charge and without any obligation. Simple & easy.

You want to do Good?

Wee too! We donate 5% of our profit to the Alliance for Mental Health. Let's help together so that mental illnesses are no longer taboo – especially for employees in the health sector!



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